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Sam is a staff specialist with the CCO and former editor at The High Calling. As a teacher, mentor, and wilderness guide, he has taught in barns and board rooms, canyons, classrooms, and auditoriums. He is the author of Disruptive Discipleship: The Power of Breaking Routine to Kick-Start Your Faith, and On Earth as It is in Advertising? Moving From Commercial Hype to Gospel Hope.

Sam has contributed to PRISM Magazine, the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, Christianity Today’s Faith in the Workplace, and was highlighted in the decade’s best at Catapult Magazine. He lives with his wife and two daughters in central Pennsylvania.

Personal notes:
Special thanks to Dan King who made this site possible, to Rob Baddorf who raised my recording standards, to L.L. Barkat who pushed me to trust the listener, and to Gretchen Gregorchik who gave me permission to share stories that unearth her past. (Thanks, Mom.)

Reconciliation with my father progressed slowly for 11 years until he died on January 26, 2009. He had an uncanny inability to take responsibility, but I am indebted to God for healing what could be healed.

Profile image by Claire Burge. Used with permission.